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Conservatory Insurance

House insurance for the conservatory can easily be arranged. There are a number of factors to consider.

If you are planning to add a conservatory to your house you should notify your house insurance company before any work is carried out. You will need insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding the conservatory under your buildings policy. The sum insured on the buildings policy may need to be revised to include the cost of constructing the conservatory. You will also need to ensure that the items kept in the conservatory are insured under the contents policy.

Locks fitted to conservatory doors and windows, including sliding patio doors should conform to the specified regulatory standards. Remember that it is entirely the policy holders responsibility to ensure that this is the case.

Before building work of any sort commences you must inform your house insurer. Damage caused to the property by building works are usually not covered under standard home insurance policies. Claims arising due to negligence on behalf of the contractor should be covered under the contractor's Public Liability policy. It is therefore important to verify that the contractor has a more than adequate level of insurance cover before works commence on the conservatory or whatever building project, be it an extension, basement or loft conversion.

The contractor should also offer an independent insurance backed guarantee (IBG) of the work covering the costs of any rectification work and including the eventuality that the installer ceases trading. In such circumstances any guarantee offered would still be valid. FENSA (the government approved Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) registered contractors are required to offer an insurance backed guarantee to clients as a condition of membership. FENSA members can self-certify that their work complies with Building Regulations. Non-registered contractors and diy installers will have to apply to the local authority for approval under the Building Regulations.

Is my conservatory insured under my house insurance policy? Even before it is constructed, the components of the conservatory will be stored on site before and during its assembly. During storage the conservatory could be damaged or stolen. Homeowners should check with their insurer whether the conservatory building materials and glass panels are covered under their policy.

When the works to the conservatory, or extension, are finished the new build becomes part of the structure of the house and covered under the existing buildings policy, though importantly the policy holder must inform the insurer of the changes and review the sum insured amount (the total cost of rebuilding the house).

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