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There are two main ways to look for house insurance quotes online. You can either go direct to an insurance provider or else use a comparison site.

In general house insurance quotes online are cheaper than those quoted over the telephone or on the high street. This is because savings made by automation can be passed to the consumer. Typically online house insurance quotes are cheaper by 15% or more.

Using a comparison site, or insurance intermediary, has the advantage of filling out just one proposal form to gain access to a wide variety of house insurance providers. The important point to remember here is to make sure you are comparing like for like, as house insurance policies do vary widely.

Assuming that you know when you want the policy to start and have credit, debit or bank account details to hand, there are a few simple facts you will need to know to get an online home insurance quote:-

  • Roughly when the house was built
  • The postcode
  • Type of property (whether terraced, detached, a bungalow etc)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Whether an alarm is fitted and what type
  • Details of any previous claims on house insurance policies (buildings or contents)
  • The names of all 'interested parties' where applicable, for example joint owner or mortgage lender

It would also be a good idea to have in mind an amount which you would be prepared or able to pay in the event of having to make a claim, the amount insurers call 'the excess'.

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